Our Future Mission

Our work is not about fancy offices, large seminars, highly paid speakers and lengthy speeches, nor is it about celebrity gala dinners.

Our past work has always been about doing more with less and making a difference whenever and wherever we can. Our future mission is no different when it comes to quality of work.

Since 2010 we have changed our direction from political to all things concerning human rights, cultural, and art. The reason for this change can be read through our past and present missions and work, but more than anything we have proven to be a bridge between Iranians and people outside Iran. That has never changed as a core mission and value of our organization.

One of the major aspects of Persian Culture is art. In many cities in Iran, everything inside and outside of houses and Mosques is all handmade. Unknown to many people in the world, those of us who have had the good fortune to travel in Iran know that there are cities in Iran that are very much like a giant art gallery, people being the artists and art collectors.

The beauty of Persian culture is that, unlike many other parts of the world, art is not only for the rich and it is not expensive. Therefore, everyone uses it, enjoys it and collects it. Many Iranians have items from their grandparents or great-grandparents handed down over hundreds of years. In many instances, those family legacy items are still in daily or occasional use.

We find that unique love of art intertwined in Persian culture. When you meet Persian people, they very often bring out their special handmade or antique dishes. From our Persian handmade carpets to decorative items, the list of handmade arts in every home in Iran is of such magnitude that we can’t give you a percentage of art creations, art users or buyers in Iran.

It seems only fair to tell you that without art, Persian culture does not exist. We want to share the real image of Iranian society when it comes to art and culture, not what we see in segments on the news.

Art is a unique language that needs no language or cultural translation. Art is an international language of those who are driven to it and understand it. The aim of our museum project is to showcase the beauty of art, past and present, and artists who spent their lives in their favorite corner creating what we find admirable.

Our focus for the future project is concentrated on the following few elements which, over time through fundraising, we hope to achieve.

• Creation of an online museum so people unable to travel to Iran can see the culture and art intertwined in its fabric, those who spent years to create it and those who helped preserve it for future generations. The online museum allows children and adults alike to take virtual tours from the comfort of their own home and see many works of art that, otherwise, they perhaps would never see in their lifetime.

• The museum project will not be created for a particular culture or political vantage point. Art brings people together. Our only aim is to show the Iranian people as they wish the world to see them. No political message or rhetoric will be added to any cultural or museum program. We are simply letting art speak to the heart of art lovers around the world, from one nation to the world.

• When worldwide sanctions are completely lifted, we plan to have a shopping page on our site where Iranian artists can showcase their work and we are able to guarantee the work is delivered to the buyer. This way, we can promote Persian art and artists who have worked, sometimes for years, to create art that, otherwise, would never seen or touched by anyone outside Iran.

• A documentary about historical figures from Persian culture is one of our top projects so people outside Iran may get to know Persian culture. We have a list of accomplished producers and media professionals who can create quality documentaries and we can promote them on PBS, among other channels, for children and adults alike to learn about Persian history and culture.

• We want to create Persian festivals, anywhere in the US, particularly in DC and NY. Our festivals will include working artists showcasing and vending their work like an artisan week in a temporary setting. We want to have dinner booths serving our visitors Persian cuisine and finish our festivals with Persian music and dances. That is our way of showcasing Persian culture and art at its best without anyone translating it for them.

We hope what you read here is enough to make you or anyone you know willing to help us. We do what we promise. I hope we are one charity to which you decide to donate.

A sample of our efforts at Iran & Its Future.org can be seen on our company pages on LinkedIn and Facebook. We hope you pay us a visit and follow our efforts in showcasing what we try to present to the world.

Thank you,

Ghazal Omid,
Executive Director