Our mission lies deep within the understanding of our culture and the world in which we live today. The world needs and seems to be eager to understand the human element of the Iranian culture, yet is frightened by what they see and is sometimes baffled by how little is known despite what is assumed to be known. Bridging that gap is our NGO, our experts, and what we are going to share with you.

Iran is complex, and it's not just a matter of politicians and people around the world understanding it; at times even Iranians struggle to understand their country. Despite Iran being small in comparison to the US or Canada, Iran has one of the largest national, cultural, and religious diversities in the world.

When it comes to history, Iran does not disappoint. Our written history goes back as far as 7000 years. The name Persian Gulf was not given to the body of water between Iran and the southern border countries during the past dynasty. It has been so named since way before words were written on paper anywhere in the world, evidence of which can be found carved into stones and artifacts from ancient Persia dating back thousands of years.

There is no short way of explaining what Iran is, the only way to understand Iran is to see it. However, our world's turmoil has made it impossible for many to visit Iran, so Iran & Its Future.org aims to become a bridge between the Iranian people and the outside world.

We aim to be a platform for Iranian artists to showcase their art through our museum project. There is a sample page on LinkedIn and Facebook, which is an education for all who visit.

Iran & Its Future.org is a place where the history of Iran can be seen through the eyes of young Iranian photographers. We will exhibit photos of artifacts and supply links in our museum project section so historians can read the real history of Iran. 

Our NGO is a place of gathering of great minds and our aim is to make Iran & Its Future.org website a hub of cross cultural exchange; a cyber café if you will, where visitors can get to know Iran and Iranians through art, culture and heritage streamlined through programs consistent with our annual budget.

When collaborating with Iranians outside Iran, our goal is to tap into the massive pool of talent of highly sought after medical professionals to create a program to benefit not just burned Iranian children but all burned child.

Established in 2006, our work humanitarian work began in 2010 and it is with great joy that we can announce that our first patient from our Burned Children Program is on his way to the United States to receive reconstructive surgery through our collaboration with Shriners Hospital in Houston, Texas.

We would like to do more but this is the best we can do without extensive funding. Unfortunately our title gives the erroneous impression that we are somehow linked to the government of Iran. However, we are not going to change our name; we are Iranian and are showcasing our culture on a global stage without any political affiliation. The fact that our PayPal account is sanctioned because of the word "Iran" should tell you how little politicians know about Iran. That makes our work so much more important, so you to get to know the “real” Iran.